Friday, October 14, 2011


Last week, SooperFan Brenda DLR pointed this CHILDREN'S EVENT out to me at our local Bass Pro Shop.

First of all, the event is sponsored by PBR, which stands for either Pretty Ballsy Ropers, or Professional Bull Riders (no, hipsters, it doesn't ALWAYS mean Pabst Blue Ribbon). Second of all, they are giving away COWBELLS to the first 150 CHILDREN......

As a parent, there has not been a moment in time where I thought to myself "C'mon kids, let's get there early, so we can get this free gift that is going to drive me insane when you create noise until all hours of the night. The neighbors are going to love you for waking up thier baby from it's nap when I let you out front with said loud noise-making device. Then, one day, the device will mysteriously disappear, leaving you in tears, and me feeling guilty that I threw that fucker about 400 yards in whatever direction I was facing after you fell asleep the night before."

And the other object, on the left side....there's an event called "Color Your Kickers" sponsored by a boot company.............

The only "Kickers" I know of were a derogatory reference to cowboys when I was in high school. We called them Shitkickers. But hey, what better way to teach children to embrace that derogatory stereotype and showing them how to be full of manners and having them call thier boots SHITKICKERS. Am I the only one that sees this?

Happy Friday, y'all!

P.S. Last day to help me reach my goal for my Extra Life event tomorrow! Please donate anything you can!!!!




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