Sunday, October 9, 2011

SooperReflections Sunday

It sucks when you have to tell someone that their surprise got ruined. :(

Having a large extended family means we get top value out of clothes. My youngest son just got handed down pajamas from my nephew that we originally bought for my 8 year old.

I used to think sushi was for hipster rich kids. I am now adjusting my budget to be able to afford it more often.

I'm going to quit buying cereal for my two youngest children. They would rather have store-brand barbecue potato chips for breakfast.

I would now like to thank Pixar for sucking every possible cent of expendable income from me.

My computer sounds like an airplane preparing for takeoff. I'm worried that it might be a small dirty bomb waiting to go off.

Sieckman children's goal for preparedness = making sure there's a roll of toilet paper BEFORE they start going.

I used to think my father was crazy because he spoke to inanimate objects and unseen people. Now I do it. And I'm beginning to relate to cartoon characters. (

Have a good Sunday!

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