Sunday, October 2, 2011

SooperReflections Sunday

Finally...Sunday. A day of rest and remembrance of the past week and it's offerings, so that we may learn from our mistakes, bask in our triumphs, and ponder our dilemmas........

Who am I kidding? It's a whole day of recovering from Saturday, and dreading going back to work tomorrow. are some random thoughts from the past week....

I wish I believed my wife watched the Maroon 5 "Moves Like Jagger" video because she likes the song............and not because of this:

It's amazing to me how children can watch the same episode of the same show more over and over and over.....

People that use thier middle name as thier actual name should be bludgeoned until they refer to themselves by thier first and last names only.

I am definitely Team Olivia.

If you have watched the full season of Game of Thrones, and saw it coming, I would call you a liar.

The opening FMV sequence for Deus Ex: Human Revolution is AMAZING.

Sriracha sauce is God's greatest gift to there anything you CAN'T put it on?

And finally...........

It's only been 3 hours since my 4 year old found out what a knock-knock joke is, and I already am getting tired of saying "Justin Bieber who?".

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