Friday, November 16, 2012

Parent of the Year 2012

As the year draws to a close, we are bound to start seeing the "Best of 2012" lists. Here at SooperHQ, we are also doing the Best of 2012....but for parents.

And not the cute mom and son playing together, or the dad that gave his kidney to his daughter. I'm talking about WTF parenting. All of us can't be Ward or June Fucking Cleaver (it's really their middle names, both of them) all the time. There are times where we slip. Unfortunately, these slips have made it to the interwebz.

So, without further ado, I give you the nominees for WTF Parenting of the year 2012. Leave a comment with the number of your vote, and we'll crown someone the WTF Parents? of the year!

Many of you have seen this picture over the past year.....what goes better with Jack than smokes?

Passenger safety, brought to you buy your local grocer.

Carpooling at its finest. Also, F*$k tha police.


Yes. Don't trust the kids with an iPad? Get a firearm!


I got those bitches some Heiny. Bitches love the Heiny.


What's worse? The fact that this guy is lazy enough to do this, or the kid getting a CO facial?


The raccoons had finally initiated parents into their lunch money bullying pyramid scheme.

A cleaner, more efficient lazy parent than the dude on the motorcycle.


Sir. You obviously are an idiot. The baby goes where the arrow says.


Nothing says fun like urban camo and electrocuting children.


Economics, PE (sports on the TV), Social Networking. I see no problem here.


The all new Toyota Tundra. Seating for 25.


Not making fun of fat people, at least she's trying. But, holy hell, she HAS to know her kid is uncomfortable.

There ya go! 2012 WTF Parents of the year nominees! Have a good weekend, SooperPhrends!


  1. You know what comes to mind when I saw the babies in the back of the truck? When people sell things out of the trunk of their car. So bad, I know.

    1. At least you can tell they're not knockoffs.

  2. No question--the most WTF-edness goes to #2. Wrong on so many levels. Remove the plastic bag from the picture--still wrong. Remove the motorcycle/scooter thing from the picture--still WRONG!! SO WRONG!!