Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SooperDad's Most Wanted

Welcome to a (hopefully) brand new series here on SooperSenchrul. During a conversation with Crazy Dumbsaint of the Mind, she suggested that I recruit a nemesis. Instead, I will fill the interwebz with SooperDad's Most Wanted. Criminals of intelligence. Thieves of common sense.

We all have our dumb moments. Moments where we do something that we wish we could take back. Moments that our actions are so incredibly stupid that we wonder how we lived to the age we currently are.

To highlight these moments of stupidity, I will begin to chronicle these nemeses(?) in a weekly series, but I need help from you. If you recognize a candidate for nemesis, e-mail the SooperHawtline at Sooperdadblog@Gmail.com to get them on the radar.

First up, the Stalker Box Stalker.

Everyone has experienced or seen one of these criminals. Somebody that sees their friend comment in the ticker on the right side of Facebook, then clicks on the activity, and decides to add absolutely nothing useful to the conversation.
Clarissa - you're using text messaging incorrectly.
I've actually fallen victim to this criminal's persuasion when I commented with a joke on an apparently renown underwater photographer's page. I luckily deleted before he saw, but I narrowly escaped becoming part of this gang.

Usually, this group is made up of the elderly, or the technologically inept. These criminals may become belligerent when confronted for their mistake, and may become aggressive to anyone that challenges them. Once they infiltrate a post, the disease spreads, because then the rest of their gang sees it and may decide to bring more inane rants into the fold.

This post lured two of these villains to the light.
  If left unchecked, these criminals eventally go on the offensive, posting a status demanding concessions from the page or person. These demands include repenting, censoring, or terminating the "offensive" material. Most of the time, logic prevails in these situations, and the criminals are thwarted. There are occasions where the problem goes unchecked for an extended period of time. This is dangerous, and can result in a massive stupidity headache later.

Oh Cindy......
It's up to you to keep cyberspace safe. Be vigilant, SooperPhrends.


  1. LOVE this idea! I'm gonna have to keep a look out! lol

  2. I am guilty of some of these stupid things---I am a dinosaur who just learned how to use a computer a year ago. When I first got on Facebook, I was commenting on EVERYTHING to be a part of the party, but then my kids were like, "Mom, stop--you're embarrassing. Nobody wants to know about your digestive problems after eating a spicy pizza, or what the dog threw up on the carpet!" I've learned to keep my mouth shut now, but I was "unfriended" by a few. Lesson learned.

    1. There is no shame in being a reformed villain. At least you're on the right side of the fight now, SooperPhrend! ;)