Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Season of Thanks...

I try not to be a charity case.

Stop giggling. I'm serious.

After the election, I'm sure you all saw some nasty shit posted on people's personal walls. I'm sure you also saw some gloating going on. I'm pretty sure there were a few confused, worried, end-of-days type posts in there too.

Hell, even I got into the act:

Heartfelt. Poignant. SooperDad 2016.
And I meant it.

And then some awesome people with access to more resources than I affirmed my suspicions about this great nation.

The time isn't right to give thanks to these individuals (if they even want to be recognized), but rest assured that I am awed by your generosity and willingness to give freely. People that I have only interacted with on a social media site, or online in some capacity; people that I have never gotten the opportunity to shake their hands, or give them a hug...these are the people that did this.

I try not to be a charity case. I built my life on trying not to ask for anything. My health has dealt me a kick in the nuts. These people have given me access to things I never thought I would have or do, with the promise that once I get back in a position to do so, I will pay it forward.

How freaking powerful is that? Here, have this....I don't want to be compensated, just do the same when someone else needs it.

Generosity and faith in humanity abounds. 

...........I'll get back to being funny soon, I promise. ;)


  1. "Generosity and faith in humanity abounds." Indeed my friend. And I love you funny...and sincere. It's all good.