Friday, November 9, 2012


Whilst in the midst of doing my chores for the week (no mice or birds came and sewed me a tux. No bell peppers turned into a Ferrari for me. *sigh*), my youngest boy decided to play pretend with the laundry basket.
For those of you that know me, what I am going to say next may shock you. Time to face my demons.
There is a certain picture that has been well hidden (but threatened to have put on shirts in order to celebrate my high school and college graduation), and for good reason.
When I was younger, I loved Magnum P.I.. I used to pretend that I had a bitchin' 'stache and drove a Ferrari.
So, here it is......2 generations of awesomeness.



  1. You might not fit in the basket anymore, but you could grow the bitchin' stache. DO THIS.

    1. Unfortunately, I can't grow the bitchin stache either.....I wasn't blessed with manly moustache growing genes...more like splotchy, B-film wolfman genes. ;)

  2. There is so much to love about this entire post that I have no idea where to start. Super cute, both of ya. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Wait until I recreate this pose.... ;)

    2. That would be....

      ... (wait for it)

      The Shit!!

    3. (Previous comment posted after having read your quote from "What I Really Meant To Say" under "what inspires me" at the top of your page... ;-D

    4. I just thought I was the shit. :)