Monday, August 6, 2012

Musical MANday

I heard a song on the radio this weekend and it got me giggling. More on that in a second.

The song was by Jamie Foxx, and it brought back a memory. I used to work for a company that rented construction equipment to contractors. Once, we had a film shooting in my territory, and my awesome sales rep secured the deal, so we put a ton of equipment out at the location. I didn't get out in the field at all, but my rep and I worked pretty closely making sure this deal went smoothly from beginning to end. She ended up taking me for a visit to the location (which was AWESOME, and my first and only "Hollywood" experience).

And Arizona resembles the Middle East, apparently.

Anyways, we talked to some of the people on site, and one person, that had worked with Jamie Foxx before said, and I quote, "You better lock up your wives and daughters when he gets here". No smile, no nervous laugh. Dead serious.

Anyways, this song came on, and reminded me of the video. And this is why I laughed. Because, apparently, when going to a club, Mr. Foxx keeps some pimp ass company. Forest Whitaker? PIMP. Samuel L. Jackson? MEGAFUCKINGPIMP. Jake Gyllenhall? ....ok....maybe?

And then, the ultimate wingman. The biggest lady killer out there. The first person you should think of when you're asked "Who should you take to the nightclub to catch as much scattered ass as you can?"

OPIE MUTHAFUCKIN TAYLOR. That's right. Ron Howard is in the hizzouse, making it rain in the club. Apparently, even he's surprised, because at 00:46, he looks absolutely shocked that he is included in this video. 

Well played Hype Williams. Well played.

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