Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 3 Things....About Arizona Rainfall

It was raining this morning when I walked my kids to school. For those of you that have never experienced an Arizona rainfall, you must have either never been here, or visited on one of the 360 days we don't have rain.

Which leaves the 5 other days of the year that people lose their freaking minds. So here are the 3 things that make me laugh about Arizona rainfalls.

#3 - It's a news item.

I understand that weather is news, technically, but here in AZ, they LEAD OFF the broadcast talking about the less than an inch of rain that was scattered throughout the valley. They show random shots of rain falling in various parts of the valley, and drivers going over roads with barely enough water to slough off the tires. Come to think of it, the same news outlet that coined "Haboob" also brought a new term to us a while back, remember "Microburst"?

#2 - The "I Just..." Guy/Girl

While I'm sure this isn't just an Arizona thing, without fail, you will run into the "I Just..." guy or girl. For instance, a co-worker says "I just got my car washed/pulled weeds/watered my landscaping/any other thing that rain could possibly disturb and make life impossible for this person".

I had to watch the forecast for my job. If it rains here, the construction sites shut down, and we had to give a free day for those that asked. If we knew rain was coming, we could plan accordingly. The simple fact is that the meteorolgists here don't have it that rough. And they really do tell us it's going to rain when it actually IS going to rain. Tell these people to check the weather, and then punch them in the face.

#3 - People lose thier ever-loving minds

The amount and insane-ness of stupidity on Arizona roads when it is raining is multiplied by any factor of 10. People forget thier exits and make a 4 lane dive to try to make it. A 65 speed limit sign suddenly looks like 35 to rainbiciles. Off the roads, most of the people walk around in a daze, as if the cloud cover blocked their brain solar panels.....

2 parts Hydrogen, 1 part Oxygen = A million morons.


  1. Sounds like the first snowfall in WI and MN - Especially #3!

  2. Rains and snows here in Tasmania (Australia) quite a lot - they still don't get it. All completely mad.

    I drove through a snowstorm in the country the other day, carefully. I was being passed in stupid places by mad(wo)men going a frazillion kilometres an hour, WITHOUT THEIR BALLY LIGHTS ON! What kind of dicks are they?

    Rainy day in the city is a sight to behold too - pedestrians with umbrellas covering their eyes, drivers cutting in to my carefully honed braking space. Well you know the drill.
    Sorta glad i'm not alone.