Friday, September 14, 2012


If you've read this blog for any extended period of time, you know how I feel about complaining about Facebook. People still don't seem to understand that most of the time anything posted on Facebook becomes public, to the entire world.

So, in order to educate those that don't know....a website called We Know What You're Doing uses Facebook's Graph API (a program that Facebook uses for other programs to integrate with Facebook), some pretty simple keywords, and posts PUBLIC information on a website. 

There is A LOT of hungover people for a Friday morning. 

Some of you (like me) don't really mind putting your whole life on public display.....but if there was ever a reason to self-censor....this might be it.



  1. Helloooooooooooooooo privacy settings!

  2. What the deal with Brits trying to sound all cool in their FB statuses? Oh, wait. Americans do that do, don't we? Damn.

  3. Guess I'm screwed at this point!! Hey, love your blog and just added the link to my blog roll. Stop by sometime when you get a chance to say hello. Cyber beer?? Always!

  4. Yikes.
    I'm not in the habit of posting ridiculous private things but I think maybe I'll be making my facebook a little less public now.