Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FBI profiles music fans? NO....

I recently started following a blog called Lowering the Bar. It's a humorous look at some of the insane cases that are filed through the justice system.

This case caught my eye. Apparently the Insane Clown Posse has retained counsel to defend their fans' rights against being profiled as a "loosely-organized" gang. My understanding of a "loosely-organized" gang is basically a group of people with one mutual interest. So......Facebook users are technically a "loosely-organized" gang. I digress.....
"Loosely-organized"...psh. Couple of CEO's right here.
The zealous fans of ICP are called "Juggalos", and let me not sugar-coat this.....some of them are FUCKING CRAZY. Some of them are white-collar workers, with families and mortgages, but some of them are just sociopaths. There's even a website for these sociopaths who have been unjustly persecuted to go so they can submit their tales of woe.   

Completely normal, well-adjusted sociopaths.  I mean, they have couches.
Then I started thinking....why are they so upset?  Law enforcement have been profiling music lovers for YEARS. If you don't believe me, look at historical statistics for marijuana arrests and overlay Grateful Dead/Phish/Lilith Fair tour dates....I bet they line up pretty well. Just as drunk and disorderly arrests line up with Lynyrd Skynyrd/any country musician's tour dates.

Look, I know that not ALL fans of any particular genre/band should be lumped together. I hate lumping. What this case does, however, is set a precedent for fans and artists who love their fans to LEGALLY protect each other. Think about it.....

All those Bielebers that you can't stand, and make fun of in public, and whose parents have disowned them and forced them to obsess over a Canadian teenager in the basement of their friend's house can now go ahead and file a request for protection from persecution.....see where I'm going?

Look at this court-imposed legal summons! Every time I do, it makes you sad.


  1. I think legally to be prosecuted or investigated for gang activity which can substantially aggravate charges, it must be proven that the 'gang' member is regularly involved in gang-sanctioned illegal and/or violent activity and there are other stipulations like they must have a name, colors, etc. I've seen cases where prosecutors have tried to prove gang activity in cases of fights where a group of football players or whatever beat someone up. Those don't stick usually. In any case, I think Jugalos meet most of those requirements and they may not all be sociopaths but they at least have co-dependency issues with a decent side of borderline personality disorder.

    1. You are WAY too intelligent to be reading my drivel.

    2. No...I just watch an inordinate amount of crime documentaries. It's a sickness.