Friday, September 28, 2012

FFS Friday

**WARNING** This post contains graphic stuff. If you are easily grossed out or just not in the mood to think about gross stuff, you should probably go now. Seriously.

This past Sunday, I got to go with my mom as she treated my youngest to B's Day, which is basically a shopping spree for whatever he decides to grab off the shelf. We went to the sporting goods section of Wal-Mart looking for a basketball, and I happened across this pearl of higher evolution.

Interesting. My dad is a hunter. He always had things for his hunts kept separately from our regular camping stuff. I've never in my life seen this lawn dart looking thing. I wanted to know what exactly it was used for, so I turned it over and read the instructions.

I'm considering veganism as a viable option. Have a good weekend y'all! I'm going to puke.


  1. How else are you going to put the doorbell in there unless you take the... uh, um... other stuff out?


    1. LOL. I posted that pic on Scott's FB the other day. I didn't make the connection. Thanks for getting my back, Aunt B!!

    2. Don't know why it's not a link in my comment! Too bad no one will see it. haha