Friday, September 21, 2012

The Kryptonite Clause

I have used the term "Kryptonite Clause" several times before, and after googling a BUNCH, I finally found some others that have sprinkled it in meaning the same thing I do. Before I explain it, let me preface this by saying that this post isn't my normal goofy, hilarious, awesome, handsome, muscular, well-spoken self. This is a tad bit serious, and reflective.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. EVERYONE. Recently, there have been a lot of "Keyboard Warriors" that have decided to stand up and pretty much verbally attack a few fellow bloggers, contests, friends, and acquaintances of mine. I usually stay out of the fray, except when there's time to pop some corn and enjoy the public defamation of said Warriors.

Here's the bottom line. EVERYONE has their own brand of Kryptonite. This is the Kryptonite Clause. In my opinion, you cannot create a superhero without a flaw. It's impossible. Not only does it not resonate with readers, it makes it SO far unbelievable that anything surrounding the character is simply filler. No story can survive without some character flaw.

Think about it. Superman (obviously) has Kryptonite. Batman is a freaking genius, martial art master, but, he's human. Flesh and blood. He got his back broken by Bane (not a spoiler, in the books waaaaay before the movie). Spider-Man is the same. Wolverine? Crazy fast healing factor, unbreakable claws made of metal. Kryptonite? Magneto, controller of metal. Magneto's Kryptonite? Charles Xavier, psychic. Xavier's Kryptonite? He's challenged by being confined to a wheelchair. See where I'm going with this?

For those that choose to verbally attack others online, I wonder how you escaped the Kryptonite Clause. I know I didn't. I know my friends haven't. Your story must be filler. If it's not, acknowledge that you do, in fact, have the same Kryptonite Clause that everyone does, and accept that your weakness may not be the same as someone else's. Maybe someone else's weakness is being verbally abused because they grew up with it......or have been a victim of an abusive relationship in the past.....or just because they're human, and that's not the way we were meant to be treated.

The great thing about the Kryptonite Clause? It's not such a well guarded secret what your weaknesses are. Be mindful of that.