Friday, October 19, 2012

FFS Fried-ay

America has an obesity problem. If it's not pounded into your head by your doctors, it's the media, government, and anybody else that will listen. I agree that America has an obesity issue. The issue is that we make AWESOME, delicious food.

Shock eating is nothing new. Any schlub can make an insanely fatty, grease-laden, cheese spouting, bacon topped monstrosity of a burger. As a matter of fact, before they moved to Sin City (ironic, isn't it?), the Heart Attack Grill (music autoplays in link, be careful) was located about 5 miles from where I currently live now. They prided themselves on the fat content of their burgers. Their largest burger, the Quadruple Bypass is 2 lbs of beef. There's a fair amount of shock involved there.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere is peaceful and serene.

Now, I get the shock factor. But when I came across this......this tribute to all that is gluttonous and great, my heart sighed, my arteries shivered, and my mouth cursed. BEHOLD!

Slater's 50/50 restaurants in California created the Doughnut Burger. A "50/50 patty" (half bacon, half beef), topped with an egg (sunny side up), in between two glazed doughnuts. While this burger may be a little over the top, Slater's actually seems like a "gourmet burger" joint. Some of their ideas, though.......sheesh. Here are a few:
Fried Chicken and Pancakes - Fried chicken topped with  house-made-bacon-infused-country gravy, two strips of thick cut bacon, and a fried egg between three buttermilk pancakes, smothered in real maple syrup. 

Peanut Butter Jellousy Burger - Ground beef topped with thick cut bacon, creamy peanut butter and strawberry jelly, served on a honey wheat bun.

And the best: Drumroll please..........

Thanksgiving Burger - A juicy ground turkey patty with stuffing, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, and sage mayonnaise, served on a honey wheat bun.

I may have to make a special trip to California for this place. And Dr. Wright, if you somehow happen to stumble upon this pinnacle of humbleness that is my never read this. No se habla ingles. Por Favor. Muy bien. Gracias, senor.

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  1. Yeah, and you forgot to mention that at the Heart Attack Grill, they cook the fries in lard! I remember reading about the guy that actually had a heart attack while eating there, and at first folks thought he was joking! *smh* Why does all this "bad for ya" stuff taste so darned good!??