Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zombies won't eat reporters.....they have no brains.

With all the recent cannibalistic attacks around Miami, and spreading westward (no, I'm not linking to them because they're disgusting, just know that there are more than a handful, and drugs are involved in most), society has become quick to pull the trigger with using the term "zombie" when describing them.

Zombie culture is coming back into mainstream, and from experience, at my Comicon attendance, there were numerous people dressed as zombies walking around. There's even a local group of "family-friendly" zombies that you can invite to your functions. Our local comic shop has a Zombie Walk every now and then, which regularly closes streets downtown.

Here's the problem. My oldest kids and I just started watching The Walking Dead. It's TV-14, and I gave a little leeway, as parents are wont to do. My kids love scary things, and they don't get scared. They DID, however, have some questions about zombies. Of course, I told them there were no such things as zombies, and that it was all fake.

And then, the news comes along and shits on my parenting skills.

How do I combat this?

I give them the following word problem:

Zombies = people that are undead = died, then came back to life.

Dad = my heart stopped 4 times in the hospital = I died 4 times.

Dad = Zombie.

I win at parenting.

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