Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So, ladies, it's T minus 3 days until you get the baby-oil induced hot flashes thanks to Magic Mike.

However, not to be outdone by this sudden surge of interest in stripping, one man has stepped up to the plate.

Robert Gene White, a 67 year old man from Texas, enjoyed "several lap dances" from the ladies at a local gentlemen's club. When they came at the end of the night to collect on his tab, they found out he was DEAD.

It's like EVERY episode of C.S.I. Las Vegas. EVER.

And this, ladies, is why men are superior. We don't do the dine and dash, we get the grind and go (trademark pending). Because there's nothing better than leaving your earthly body behind covered in glitter and cheap perfume.....maybe some mouthwash from the men's room attendant.......not that I would know anything about that. *cough*

Anyways, Mr. White is my new hero. Not only did he go out doing something he absolutely LOVED, he did it for FREE! He's just as passionate about saving money as he was about seeing naked ladies. So, Mr. White, in honor of you, I've decided to change the #YOLO (You Only Live Once) that all the cool kids seem to be using as an excuse for everything to #YODO (You Only Die Once), in the hopes that when our time comes, our punched ticket will be as great as yours.

Big thanks to Inside the Mind of A Ghetto Genius for showing me this first.

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