Monday, June 18, 2012

Would you like my organ inside of you?

Going through my RSS reading, I fancied across this image, which gave me reason to pause....

I had to study it. Every inch.

If you can't read the copy, it reads "Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her". 

Obviously, with my heart issues, I cannot be a donor anymore, but family and friends have signed up to be donors since my health issues, and for that, I am, back to the ad.

This is the best advertisement by a government entity (albeit Belgian government) to get people to donate organs EVER. And before you ladies get all huffy about sexism or whatever it is you guys bitch about when us men are enjoying advertisements for charities, organ donations, adopting puppies, or whatever good cause we enjoy staring at half naked women for, here are a few reasons why this is the best ad ever.

First off, this ad is from 2008, and while racy, gets the attention of a whole gender. Oh, by the way, the gender the ad is aimed at is found to have better organ compatibility with both genders, so that organs donated by males are typically less-rejected than female organs.

Closer to my wheelhouse, it has also been found that when looking at hearts donated to same-sex patients, males have "significantly improved short- and long-term survival" while "no survival advantage was seen for women with same sex donors".

Now, let's also make sure that it's said that men are typically reluctant to sign up to be organ donors, and therefore, ads like this trying to prod males to register to be organ donors are HELPING the cause, not trying to piss women off. So get over it.

Besides.....she's hot.

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