Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Refuse to buy "Feminine Hygiene Products"...

A while back, some of you might have read my post on my improvisation when my son was out of diapers.

Apparently, my boys over at The Art of Manliness decided that I was bush league (pun intended), and posted 10 survival uses for a tampon. A SINGLE TAMPON. 

Now I don't have to do the aisle shuffle of shame when procuring my spouse's hygiene products. I will hold my head up high and say "What?! It's for my blowdart fletchings!"

Think about it. Tampons signify everything horrible in a man's life. No sex, wildly out of control mood swings in the woman, and just general walking on eggshells. There's no wonder that men despise being cornered into having to go to market to purchase these individually wrapped units of evil. Now, however, men can use the excuse that he is "restocking his survival kit" with "vital implements of male domination when faced with daunting challenges from nature". 

Much more interesting than "Feminine Hygiene Products"

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  1. I remember your MacGyver-esque talents of improvisation using only available items. So funny, but Hey, it worked, right?