Thursday, April 26, 2012

West Side (of Sacramento) Story

Ok, this really doesn't have anything to do with parenting, or being a dad, but it is still darkly hilarious.

My wife found a story this evening about 30 women in Sacramento that got involved in a street fight that was apparently organized via Facebook regarding one woman's "suggestive post" to another woman's boyfriend.

Re-read that sentence. 

We are now using the networking power of social media to organize GANG FIGHTS.

Pic from scene uploaded via Instagram

Alright. So, without reading any further than the sentence describing the story I put above, here's MY interpretation of what happened.

Girlfriend: "What did that bitch just say? She hopes my man has a 'good night'? Awwwwww hell nawwww"

*clicks Create Event*

Friend of Girlfriend opens Facebook to find she's been invited to "Beat this Bitch Ass" Event scheduled for tomorrow night. She excitedly accepts and shares to her wall. More friends follow suit. the article, then watch the news story about it. These chicks were HARDCORE. One of them took a candle from a MEMORIAL (read: a shrine to dead people), broke it, and then used it as a weapon.

Yes. She took a Jesus candle, broke it on the street, and prepared to use her Jesus shank on some people.

The two people that had injuries sustained them with BASEBALL BATS. 

What the hell goes on in Sacramento that a mob of 30 crazy women with baseball bats and broken glass doesn't prompt some kind of hysteria?

Watch the video, the woman that gives the account to the reporter works at the convienience store, and claims many of them "came in to buy drinks"...........

Fresca: more refreshing than fracturing that bitch's skull.

Stay classy, Sacramento. 

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