Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Mistresses....

I haven't posted for a while, apparently due to a bout with depression.

My docs said it's common for many heart patients to go through depression when they realize they may not be able to do some of the things they used to do. Instead of work, I was zoning out on the computer and Xbox. Instead of not stressing, I was wanting to drink all the time, and becoming an asshole again (allegedly). 

So my wife gave me the nicest, kindest boot up my ass that she could muster, and told me to snap the fuck out of it.

And here is my attempt.

My mistresses will still see me on a regular basis, for without the computer, I could not interact with my wife's clients, impart my razor wit and raucous humor on Facebook, and post this very blog which nobody reads, except for people that want to see Adam Levine naked, apparently.

My Xbox, my baby, my fickle lover that teases me with that glowing ring of hers, and the hours of enjoyment she provides on a daily (yes, daily ladies, beat that) basis. I will never give her up, never let her down, never run around know the rest.

My wife works hard at running the business, and even takes care of a lot of the stuff from home as well. She is, unfortunately, gone from home a lot, so the computer is the closest thing to adult interaction I get all day.

But, it did get a little out of control, and she snapped me back into my awesome, radiant, glowing personality.

So, I'm sorry to anyone that was waiting for a new post (*snicker*). As some sort of catharsis, I'm thinking about writing ANOTHER blog full of rants, opinions, and more adult-centric conversation that will hopefully spark some kind of intelligent debate to satiate my desire for adult interaction. I'll post more on that as I work up to it.

But in the meantime, I'll tip my Friday ration of adult beverages to my readers, and my NEW FANS ON FACEBOOK!! Woooohooo!! Welcome and welcome back.

Here's to being Sooper.

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  1. Hey, just hopping over from Adventuresintodomesticland to check out your blog and glad I did . I like your skewed way of thinking and (scary thought) find you relatable & entertaining. I'm glued to the computer and it drives my husband crazy---I'm either trolling blogs or checking out everybody's Facebook status to see if they're having more fun than I am on a Friday night (of course they are because they're not staring at a computer screen all night). That's OK...I'll have my share of libations tomorrow night and make an ass out of myself by drunk texting all my friends.
    Thanks for the laugh here. If you want to read someone else with a twisted sense of humor, stop by for a cyber beer at Cheers!