Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You don't have to be smart to have a smartphone...

So this morning, I've seen TWO stories about star's cell phones getting hacked and the dirty pics ending up online.

Of course, this whole recent "cell phone dirty nudie pics" fad started with Scarlett Johansen's phone getting hacked:

and now there's Olivia Munn:

and Christina Hendricks:

(Some of the pics from these ladies were a lot worse, and not safe for work)


I'm not complaining that these made the light of day, by any means. I think it's awesome that these women are proud enough of their bodies to show them to every breathing man with a huge libido and equally large imaginations. 

With the technology employed in todays smartphones, they're basically carrying around a computer in thier purses. The REAL question is: Why can't these hackers hit their home computers and find the cache of REALLY juicy stuff?!??!

Half of me says that this is great publicity on thier part, it keeps their names relevant. However, ScarJo denied, Munn denied, Hendricks said the really naughty one wasn't her, but the rest are. ScarJo later admitted, Munn is still denying, even though THAT IS HER FACE AND HER BODY. Men have seen it before in Maxim and other fanboy publications, just not to the extent that the pics go.

The other half of me says "If I ever had to deal with this with my daughter, she would be sent back to the stone ages of technology. She would have to beat rocks and sticks together to communicate with the outside world, if she was ever allowed out of the house again."

I really don't know how to combat this with my child, other than to not give her a phone, but what's going to be the trend when she's old enough to get one for herself?

To the stars that want to keep taking pics on thier cell phones to get "hacked": Are you too good to make a sex tape that gets "leaked" like everyone else?!?


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