Friday, April 27, 2012

FFS Friday!

As I was wading across my RSS feed this week, I saw this story a few''s, read it. I'll wait.

Ffs1 all means, read the full article here. I'll wait. 

*deep breath*

It's actually a pretty horrible story about a friend who has sex with another friend while in this "gravy-wrestling model's" house.

But, she caught 2 of her friends having sex with each other, got pretty upset, shouted at them, only to be hit in the face with the MONKEYWRENCH that was on the floor next to the pair in mid-coitus.

monkeywrench.........on the floor......FFS.

I mean, it's alright if the floor is made of pegboard, and the tool is properly outlined, but I doubt that. 

And the Daily Mail editors deserve a big FFS on this one too. While the title makes you read, the pictures are deceiving. In the picture above you get the model portion of the title, while the "gravy wrestler" portion garners a small paragraph tucked into the middle of the story, accompanied by this picture:


FFS, Daily Mail, way to make it seem like gravy wrestling, having monkeywrenches laying around the floor of your house, and getting pummelled by brothers of friends is all in a English week for you fine chaps.

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  1. oh em gee. Laughing really hard. I can barely eat gravy...and, I can't, I guess I'd never be featured..sigh. LOL...yep, too funny!!