Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Keep Performing, Monkey!

I stumbled across this article today, about how the 2012 London Olympics organizers asked KEITH FREAKING MOON to perform at the closing ceremonies.

For those that don't know who Keith Moon was, let's do a quick recap:

  • Original drummer for The Who
  • One of the gold standards against which all drummers are compared
  • The Muppet character "Animal" is loosely based on Moon.......really, that's how awesome Moon was.
  • One of the gold standards against which all destructive rock star behavior is compared.
  • Died after overdosing on horse tranquilizers he was taking to curb his alcohol withdrawal.

You'd drink too, if you were chained to your drums.

You read that right. To curb his withdrawal from alcohol, he thought it would be good to take 32 HORSE TRANQUILIZERS, because fuck aspirin, that's why.

Anyways, apparently the people that are organizing the Olympics, the worldwide event that happens every 4 years and is hotly contested for the honor of hosting, thought that Moon was alive and well. They wanted the recluse to join up with the rest of The Who for a gig at the closing ceremony. Finally, Moon's agent let them off the hook.

And I thought, what a bunch of dumbasses. Until I remembered something......

Tupac Shakur, dead for 16 years, performed at the Coachella music festival in 2012 via crazy accurate and awesome hologram.

So, will we see Moon at this years' Olympics? It's a possibility now. Then I thought about the implications of this technology.

It would re-open new genres of artists/actors/people to our youth that may have been lost over the years. Ask your kids if they know who the Beatles are. If not, maybe they can catch a reunion tour. Want to see Marilyn Monroe in a new film? Possible. (I know Forrest Gump did this with JFK, but now they can exist outside of CGI)

On the other hand.....this can be used by film/music companies to hold artists to their contractual obligations. Think about it...let's say for the sake of argument that tomorrow, Justin Bieber gets hit by his tour bus, dismembering him across several states.

JB was only halfway through his contract of releasing 4 albums for his label. 

His label sues his estate, uses his "likeness" in holographic form to then do a "One (Last) Time" tour, recouping much of the lost revenue from the unperformed portion of the contract....

Double edged sword my friends......



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