Monday, August 15, 2011

'Memba Wen?

I was going to save this for a WTF entry, but this was eating away at my soul.

I remember when I was growing up, the "Just Say No" campaign was in full swing. I think everyone remembers the "This is your brain...." commercial(s).....

These are your brains over easy, with a side of toast.

A few other health warnings I noticed growing up were the pictures of blackened lungs to deter minors from smoking (although that didn't help in my case), and, during the beginning of the realization of AIDS, there were safe sex notices at every turn. One thing noticeably lacking, however, was the repercussions from alcohol abuse. 

As a matter of fact, when Camel was in trouble for using Joe Camel to target children for thier cigarettes, I remembered the days of Spuds Mackenzie, the coolest drunk dog ever.

Before my heart attack, I drank very heavily. I call myself an alcoholic because....that's what I was. I still am an alcoholic don't change what you were. I'm not an ex-smoker. I am a smoker. Just because I haven't had a cigarette in over a year doesn't mean that I am cured. 

I have the occasional drinks now and then......within my new limits (most of the time). One thing I NEVER thought I would see, however, is a PSA targeted at condoning underage drinking....

Here it is. In all it's glory. I stumbled across this video this weekend, and it struck me dumb. Literally, I was just shocked that this was even allowed to be showed. The video is from the British Red Cross....and it's legit. I don't know how different their culture is over there, because I haven't had the pleasure of visiting, but if they tell their kids it's ok to go party, but just remember to roll your friends over.....I'm not sure I want to go.

Please.....tell me if I'm on the wrong track with this....I want to hear what you all think.

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