Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Private Matter....

So, for a few months, my youngest son has had a problem with.....well, his jewels are flawed. His stones are chipped. 

Ok, he has a condition called hydrocele. From Wikipedia:

hydrocele testis is an accumulation of clear fluid in the tunica vaginalis, the most internal of membranes containing a testicle. A primary hydrocele causes a painless enlargement in the scrotum on the affected side and is thought to be due to the defective absorption of fluid secreted between the two layers of the tunica vaginalis (investing membrane).

For the love of everything that is good and pleasant, do NOT Google Image search hyrdocele. I think it lands you on some weird pedophile list, and most certainly will get you fired for being in your work computer's web history.

Yeah.....poor little guy. He's ok, and as for "painless enlargement"....I think that's incorrect. He complains every time I change his diaper. But, glad to know it's not something worse, and after a small outpatient surgery, he should be better. 

The doc thinks most likely he got this condition because of a hernia, which is scary, because if you think about it.....he exerted himself so hard, he blew a nut out. I mean...I joked about this as a kid, but I am MORTIFIED to know it can actually happen.


I will update after he gets his surgery on the joys of sedating your child so he doesn't hurt himself.

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