Friday, July 15, 2011


Remember my vote for Newberry Medal winner?

It seems we have an update on the adult-themed children's book, "Go the F--K to Sleep". 

Oscar-winning actor and bad muthaf--ka (it says so on his wallet) Samuel L. Jackson has recorded an audio version of the book.

Wanna know something else?

It's FREE.

You're welcome.

On a different note:

I've told you about some of the blogs I follow.....but now I'm asking your help to get people to follow mine. If you stalk my blog, get your friends to stalk it too! In return, I will show you some of the new awesome blogs I'm stalking and ask you to check out and support thier blogs too!

This week I start with the one that I found the "blog stalk" on. She's a badass mom of 3 (4 on the way), an artist, and pulls no punches with her expression of the English language (she regularly "rocks balls").

Well worth your time! (Be sure to read the comments. Her fan interaction is AWESOME) Please check it out and subscribe! Thanks, Sooperfans!

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