Thursday, July 14, 2011

The lost Rowling masterpiece....Harry Potter and the Money Grab

The new Harry Potter movie opens tomorrow, and already has sold $25 million in ticket presales for the first showing. This means this film is close to breaking the $30 million midnight box office take from the current record holder, The Twilight Saga:Eclipse

A few of my family members have read the books and seen the movies, but my children haven't shown an interest in the books. (To be fair, I haven't read the books OR watched any of the movies) I narrow this lack of interest down to one thing. 

Harry Potter books aren't available on the Kindle

My kids LOVE thier Kindles. It was the one of the best gifts they've gotten. However, Mr. J.K. Rowling hasn't allowed Amazon to digitally publish his books.


However, she and her publishing company DID just announce a new website, Pottermore, which will have access to ALL the Harry Potter e-books for "every e-book reader available". Great! Except, the Kindle only supports proprietary formats of e-books. 

So, what is Rowling and the publishing company trying to do? My guess is to force Amazon to open Kindle to common e-book formatting, so that Amazon could lose some control over an important asset. 


What is the attraction to this franchise?


Come to think of it, what is the attraction to the Twilight franchise?

Wait.........I think I'm beginning to see a trend.

And yes, ladies. I HAVE seen the Twilight movies. And read the books. All of them. And I'm completely ashamed of myself.

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