Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make room on the mantle...

I, dear SooperPhrends, have been nominated for the ultra-prestigious, super exclusive, life altering Liebster Blog award, by my friend Tia at Story of a Girl. Seeing as how this award now catapults me to the top 1% of all words ever written in any format ever, I decided I would graciously accept.

Then I found out that there were criteria......seriously. I brought up my awesomeness to the governing board, but they acted unimpressed. So, for you....my people....I will abide by the requests, and complete the criteria as follows.

I have to give 11 random facts about myself. (I'll throw darts at my wallpaper, which are filled with amazing things about me)
I have to choose another 11 bloggers to receive this award, and tell them they have been nominated.
I have to answer 11 questions that Tia has asked of her nominees, and then I have to ask 11 questions to my nominees to put them in the hot seat.

Let the vetting process begin!! Let loose the lions!!

Only 11? Why not XVICMM?

Let's get the SooperFun started...shall we?

11 Random SooperPhax

  • I have been bowling in competitive leagues since the age of 6. I stopped in 2004 after the birth of my first son, and was nearing an average of 200. I really miss bowling now, but cannot even play the sport I used to, due to my physical limitations.
  • I have only held 3 jobs in my adult life. I worked for an auto parts chain, a bowling center, and finally, an equipment rental office where I started at the bottom, and ended up in the Corporate office 14 years later.
  • I have four SooperSpawn, and they each have 7 letters in their first names.

  • In 2010, I had a massive coronary event, requiring a quadruple bypass and the thoughts and prayers of a lot of people
  • The song that woke me from my coma was the opening song to "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", which I used to watch with my kids.
  • I am an Arizona native, and have never lived elsewhere.
  • Before my heart attack, I had never broken a bone or had a hospital stay for anything.
  • I'm a type-A personality. Puzzles and riddles intrigue me, as do goal-oriented procedural games (Think goals on FB games). But I'm messy in real life.
  • I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business.
  • My 2 favorite movies are Airplane! and A Few Good Men.
  • Snakes give me the heeby jeebys.

    11 SooperPhrends/Nominees

    I don't know a lot of bloggers, so bear with me.

Love them. Being an Arizona native, we don't see very many of them, but when we do, they tend to be pretty awesome. I can fall asleep to the sound of a storm.

 2.  What is your "Guilty Pleasure" tv show?

Any "Real Housewife" show. My wife usually watches these while she's in bed, so when I crawl in there, they're usually still playing. The catiness and general craziness of some of these women ASTOUND me.

3.  What calms you?

The only thing that can change my emotions quickly is music. Switching songs can bring completely different emotions.

4.  If you could learn any new language what would you choose to learn?

I took two years of Spanish in school, but I would love to be fluent. Those telenovelas look AWESOME.

5.  Have you ever regifted?  What was it?

I have regifted. It was some sort of "Men's Caddy" from Sharper Image. Basically a felt lined box to put your watch, wallet, keys, change and everything else I already shove into my nightstand drawer.

6.  Any off brand/generic products you prefer over their name brand competitor? 

I usually buy generic whenever I can. I haven't found anything (except boxed mac n cheese) that generics are horribly worse than name brand. There is however, one exception. When I was drinking, I had to have Bud Light. No Busch, no Milwaukee's Best....had to be BL.

7.  What song ALWAYS brings back memories?

Bush - "Come Down". My wife and I drove around Phoenix just talking for hours and listening to this song.

 8.  What is your favorite brand of toilet paper?

Any kind that is in the immediate vicinity when I need it. I have 4 children that apparently need to consolidate toilet paper rolls in their closets or something.

9.  Favorite scented candle?

Sunkissed Citrus anything from Scentsy.

10.  Do you ever freak out and get nervous AFTER you hit the "Share" button on your blog?

Not really. I usually say what I want. I have some family members that may think that my language is too harsh, but they either love me for who I am and respect my right to say what I want (as I do theirs), or they choose to live their lives without me. I also got my first haters recently, so that was fun.

 11.  Do you still have a piggy bank? 

HAHAHAH. If I can scrape enough change together to get a Diet Coke, it's a good day in the SooperHowse.

11 SooperQ's for my nominees

  1. Choose a character or person (fictional or real) that closest resembles your life so far. Why? 
  2. Mayo or Miracle Whip?
  3. Is there any book you have read that you absolutely hated?
  4. Best looking person alive (besides me)?
  5. How did you get into the blogosphere?
  6. Who is your favorite comedian?
  7. Favorite charity? Why?
  8. Would you rather be wealthy beyond your dreams, or well-respected?
  9. What is your favorite conspiracy theory?
  10. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  11. Favorite 80's movie? (If it's anything other than the Breakfast Club, you're wrong.)

There you have it, the Liebster award. Looking forward to your answers, peeps!


  1. LOVE IT!! It was nice learning so much about you! You really are sooper haha
    I want to be fluent in Spanish too so I can understand the telenovelas but in the meantime I just make up a dialogue that I sure is as equally awesome if not awesomer! hahahaha

    1. I use the language of the Sims. Like the video games. It can mean whatever you want, and everyone thinks you're crazy. Try it at your next Parent/Teacher meeting. Bet your kid gets special treatment.

    2. Will definitely be trying that! LOVE IT! HA!!

  2. Good stuff! This is the second one of these I got today. Since it will take me forever to get around to doing this I am doubly doomed. Stay as far away from me as possible.

  3. Congrats on your major award! And, cool idea with the questions... I even learned some stuff about you, and I changed your diapers!

    1. That day is coming again......sooner than you think, Aunt B! ;)

  4. SooperDad, I am SO impressed by your bowling skills. I once bowled a 38. I let that victory carry me through low days sometimes.

    1. Don't feel bad. I had the bumpers up. ;)

  5. I am so honored to be married to a winner of the Liebster Blog award!