Friday, January 27, 2012


Being the father that lets thier children explore (controlled) on the internet, I have no problem with them and YouTube (I changed thier settings so they can't see boobies). 

My 10 year old is now a makeup maven (like momma), and follows several makeup channels, including an awesome little girl with cancer that is so full of life, she glows. Stay with me, this is not the WTF part.


While stumbling across the internet, I found something that confused me. My 10 year old, however, said "Dad!! You haven't seen that?!? OMG?!?!", then my wife also reiterated the same feeling, meaning that apparently, I'm not up to par on my youtube virals. It's called the Cinammon Challenge. Seriously. Search for "Cinnamon Challenge" on YouTube, and you get this:

About 25,200 results







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