Monday, December 12, 2011

The Evolution of Not So Manly Dancing

As I was cleaning the garage today (Very Manly.), a song came on with a dance/club beat, and I immediately jumped into my highlighter dance routine (Not So Manly, it will make sense later). After thinking about it, I noticed the trend of dancing subcultures that were considered wierd at the time....and not too manly.

The 70's - Disco

Let's face it, nobody wanted to admit they went to a disco hall to "cut a rug". If you needed a polyester jumpsuit and a huge mirror ball to feel manly, well then you're a manlier man than I, fine sir.

Testicles not necessary.

The 80's - Breakdancing

Actually, this might be the only really manly dancing in this list....who else is going to throw down a 1/8" piece of flimsy cardboard on a slab of concrete and spin ON HIS FREAKING HEAD.

Testicles EXTREMELY necessary.

The 90's - Rave

The beginning of Emo (in my opinion), Raves were kids who were too cool to go to a club to dance, so they went out into the desert or somewhere remote that nobody could find (even the people that wanted to go), and got drunk and danced like idiots. Here is where my highlighter dance comes in. I have people that can attest to my mad rave skills.

Little Timmy went on to become the most awesome Flight Deck Coordinator the Navy had ever seen.

The 00's - Dubstep

I must be getting old....what the......I don't even know what this is. *shaking head*

Testicles again not necessary.....wubwubwubwubwub.

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