Monday, December 19, 2011

I think they craft Kryptonite here...

This weekend, the family and I hit our local mall, and visited the seventh circle of Hell, otherwise known as Charming Charlie's

I knew something was wrong when upon entering, the overwhelming smell of cat lady nearly knocked my olfactory sense into submission.

Here's what this store is - according to the ladies: 

Charming Charlie is a fashion accessory boutique that has been delighting women of all ages since 2004. Through a unique blend of fun, style, color and affordability, Charming Charlie helps shoppers pull together their look through the key finishing touches – earrings, necklaces, bracelets, handbags, scarves, belts ... in a fun, boutique environment.

Let me describe it for the fellas:

Remember those plastic rings and shitty gold-tinted bracelets you used to get from the quarter machines at the store?

These ones.

Apparently, whatever cartel stuffed these things with the jewelry decided that the quarter gig wasn't working anymore, and decided to open a "boutique" and charge 80,000% profit margin on thier crap.

AND they seperate it by color.

This is either the html codes for colors, or a Charming Charlie store layout. Guess which.

What really got me though, was standing in this store for OVER A FREAKING HOUR watching the retired cougars (yes, they might have been cougars once.....last century) go apeshit over this crap.

......and I was sick of being a model. Damn my good looks.


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