Monday, December 5, 2011

Is this post about you???

We all have those friends/acquaintances/family members/siblings/people you stalk on Facebook that always post vaguely worded aggressive statuses. It looks something like this:

Poster: "This is the thanks I get? I don't think so, bitch."

Response A: "OMG, what's goin on gurl?!?1 call meeeeeeee"

Response B: "Yeah, that bitch betta watch her back yo"

Response C: "**HUGZZ**"

Response D (The best response): "meh"

As all men grow increasingly tired of these posts, I am organizing yet another group. 

Vaugeness and Agressiveness Goes In Nary Another Status

So, from now on, I urge all those that want to join this group to just tag these posts with our group name so that we may review them. For instance:

Poster: "You'll get what's coming to you."

Correct Response: "VAGINAS"

Poster: "Lying liars lie lying liars lye"

Correct Response: "VAGINAS"

This will allow us to properly flag and review these posts for vagueness. If determined to be extremely vague, we will begin the punishment process:

Step 1: Posting compromising and/or embarrassing pictures of said poster.

Step 2: Friending all of posters enemies and forming a group entitled "[Poster] sucks"


Thank you, and let's all work together to make Facebook a more specific place.

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