Monday, November 21, 2011

MANic MANday!

After having some technical difficulties in the SooperHowseHold, I realized that, while having a lot of talents, technological prowess isn't in the ladies' skillsets.

Sure, some ladies are above average for their gender when it comes to computers and other electronic gadgets, but for the most part........

Let's just say the term "IT Guy" is in our lexicon for a reason...

My 2 year old son can delete, reinstall, and organize my apps on my Android. My 10 year old daughter gives up if the computer is password locked. Even though she knows the password.

Look, ladies, I know what you're thinking..."I got to your stupid ass blog well enough. I know how to navigate my extremely confusing, somewhat scary, and altogether mysterious box you call a 'computer'. I just plug in the internet cable, go to the big blue E on my screen, and type in ''. That IS your IRL isn't it? Then it takes me to a search screen, I go to your Facebook page, and find your blog from there. That's the only way to get to it right?"

Leave the technical stuff to the fellas. We are happy to take care of it for you. The only way we would want you to have as much technical knowledge as us is if kitchen appliances required it. Ed note: Notice how those "smart" appliances aren't on the market yet? Just sayin.....

  As for men's patience when helping the fairer sex with technical issues.......see below.


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