Wednesday, November 9, 2011


#1 - Every Movie Theater Restroom EVER.

And for the ladies.....HERE is your monologue.

#2 - Rant Central

If you've ever gotten so angry about something, and didn't have a way to vent your frustruation, you must not have visited

Here you can vent about pretty much anything (NSFW) and feel better knowing that you have just posted your poor grammar and misspelled raving lunacies on the internet for millions to see. Here is a picture of a rant that an Englishman posted about HIS OWN COUNTRYMEN.

#3 - Perhaps the most awesome thing you will see this week.

Remember when Gaga wore that dress made of raw meat? Apparently, she was way behind in the wearing meat fad. Enter

The "Basebull Cap" by

 So much awesome. I don't even think Chuck Norris is more awesome than meat hats.

I can't even find another 2 websites that are more awesome than hats made of meat. I....I just.......I think I have to go peruse this site for about 4 or 5 hours. Until tomorrow.......meat. 

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