Saturday, January 19, 2013

Little Nerds.

As my friend The Bitchy Housewife would gladly tell you, I am a nerd. I play video games, I watch Doctor Who, I like comic books, so apparently, I am a nerd.

So when my favorite local artist announced that he and another artist would be doing Spongebob sketches today, I thought my kids would enjoy some original art. Custom sketches. Meaning Spongebob could be anything.

Before I tell you what they wanted, let me remind you of Big Chris. He's the awesome artist that was cool to my kids and I at the Phoenix Comicon last year. He has given his work to charity, overcome huge obstacles.....and now has a Little Wood on the way with his lovely wife, Beth.

And the dude is so humble, friendly, and awesome, even while having the physicality of a professional wrestler. He colored my kids' sketch while joking with them, talking with me, and the rest of the small crowd gathered there. His wife Beth talked to us at length while we were waiting.....and the best part....

They asked if I was gonna blog about it.

Of course, I played it off like no big deal, but how can I let that go? I mean, really? This grinch's heart grew three sizes today.

So, thanks to Vince DePorter, Chris and Beth Wood, and Hero Comics, this is what my kids asked for:

I win at parenting.