Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blog Challenge: Harry Potter Wands

Having been referred to the Harry Potter book series by my niece and aunt, I voraciously read all 8 books, and have watched 6 of the movies. So when Brenda DLR posted this pin to my Blog Challenges Pintrest board, I was intrigued:

Last night, Amanda was home relatively early, so I decided to take on the Wizarding World of Paper Magic Wands.

It's pretty amazing that these were made of paper. My first thought was: "Oh great, they're going to be all flimsy and the kids are going to destroy them in about 4 minutes." As we progressed through the instructions, though, I found them to be surprisingly sturdy, which is also why I can never ever be an engineer.

The 3 older kids did thier own, and Amanda helped B with his. She asked me to Photoshop her picture, so I just touched up her cheekbones a little. 


She pulled up a recliner to the table, also.

The kids really enjoyed painting and decorating thier wands, but got impatient with the hot glue gun, and 3 of them, Amanda included, didn't bother to add the raised portions of the wand. 

Ally and her mysterious blurry wand

I didn't quite get to the point that the original picture did, because Ally wanted me to put glitter on mine. My raised portions of my wand were really small, and the only metallic paint I had was old plastic model paint in aluminum, so it didn't take too much. 


From left to right: Ally's, Kat's, Nic's

From left to right: Nic's, Brody's, Dad's

While they were drying, my perverted mind immediately thought: "Wow. If I ever saw a unicorn's ding, this is probably what it would look like."

But, barring the pornographic unicorn references, it was fun. Give it a try!

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