Monday, December 17, 2012

A Promise is a Promise...

So, after SooperPhrend Carol D. offered up a cool, crisp Benjamin to each of our chosen charities, Fireandrabbits and I agreed to recreate our most embarrassing pictures.

Seeing how the deadline was the 15th, I'm a little late....but better late than never. Also, with the events of the past week, we all could use some levity......or horror....or nausea.

This is my embarrassing photo. I was around 4-ish, and I used to pretend that I was Magnum, P.I. The laundry basket was my bitchin' red Ferrari, and my shades were on point. My mom decided to capture the awesomeness, and this was the result. She has since threatened to put this picture on posters, t-shirts, billboards, etc. for all sorts of events, including my graduation from high school AND college. I have circumvented this by posting it on the interwebz.

Bad.Ass. Higgins needs to fetch me a drink.

So, for the charity recreations, Fire chose the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps veterans hurt in the line of duty. A great organization full of great people and well chosen. I have chosen Donna's Good Things, a charity run by a fellow blogger to do....what else? Good Things for people, especially for children struggling with a multitude of health issues. These are great organizations that can use all the help they can get, so if you have anything to give, please think of these people.

Fire has been a bit under the weather as of late, and has earned a pass on her recreation for the time being. When she posts her pic, I will repost this blog along with a link to hers. I would like to thank Fireandrabbits and Razorblade Brain for their generosity in taking up the mantle for this challenge, and a special thanks to Carol D. for bringing this about with her charitable donations. 

And without, further ado.....get your sick bags ready.....the 2012 re-creation of the infamous hamper pic.

Cannot be unseen. Also, laundry baskets have shrunk.